How the MTA is tackling apprentice issues with drugs, mental health and budgeting.

Public news

The MTA’s Industry Specialist Mentors, Melissa Clarke and Tania Reval have been engaging with automotive businesses and apprentices to deliver the Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices program.

Through interviews with first and second year apprentices, the MTA has identified the most common areas that need to be addressed in order for young automotive apprentices to complete their training. These include financial hardship, mental health, problems in the workplace and even homelessness.

As part of the delivery of the Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices program, Melissa and Tania have also been engaging with external stakeholders to address common issues identified in over 90 first and second year apprentices to assist them to complete their training. Well done to those who have been working with the MTA’s Industry Specialist Mentors to improve their work life.

The Sammy D Foundation will be presenting their first in a series of workshops at the MTA’s Training and Employment Centre Ice, Alcohol and Other Drugs on Friday 25 May to a group of 50 apprentices. If this initial presentation is successful, our Industry Specialist Mentors will look at setting up similar workshops in the coming months.

If you are a first or second year apprentice that would like mentoring to further your career, or know someone who will benefit, click here to contact Melissa Clarke or click here to contact Tania Reval.