Drug Testing

The MTA undertakes Drug Testing on behalf of employers, reducing potential hazards by ensuring a drug-free and safe workplace.

The MTA also works with business owners and managers to develop a Drug Policy and Procedure to ensure employers are protected and action can be taken against offending employees.

rug use in the workplace is estimated to cost $6 billion per year in lost productivity.

Workers ‘under the influence’ not only present an injury hazard to themselves, they also place their co-workers in danger.

In the automotive industry, employers are required to take reasonable steps to ensure a drug-free, safe workplace by the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA). Failing to do so can result in serious consequences and penalties.

To provide a safe, drug free workplace, the MTA is able to provide a Drug Policy and Procedure. In South Australia the MTA can also deliver drug-testing for blanket and random testing, and ‘for cause’ events (accidents in the workplace).

Prior to undertaking any drug testing in the workplace it is imperative a Drug Policy and Procedure is in place and up-to-date. This means if any drug testing is undertaken enforcement can be taken against offending employees.

All testing is conducted by persons qualified in taking specimens and maintaining a proper chain of custody.

Where a positive result is confirmed, the MTA can also assist with appropriate follow-up action as required.

Download the Drug Testing flyer for a printable copy.

Drug Testing